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The Gematria effect


Another rabbit hole to dive on into and if you haven't yet heard our latest podcast episode to do so by checking out the Thankful episode. It's what all sparked this article I am currently writing. I just want to clarify first that I am not at all an expert of Gematria as I am still learning a lot myself. This is all speculations at this point and theories from what I've personally collected so far with information. There is a guy on youtube that explains in great detail of the things at play with our reality and with gematria. I'll give the source links to his youtube page down at the bottom of the page along with other sources but youtube has been constantly shutting down his channel.


It is why our reality is often compared to a simulation, much like the Matrix and why so many others believe the movie the Matrix is showing our reality. From the episode I just mentioned we briefly discussed Dan Aykroyd and the passing of his brother Peter Aykroyd. This is where if you heard about gematria comes into effect. Now, in the newyork post article i'll include with the sources it doesn't state his cause of death but to have died at age 66 and born on Nov. 19, 1955. This age and dates stood out to me for one: it resembles very closely with the next person I'll continue to talk about w/ there birth dates and two: he just so happens to have died at age 66. Some may say coincidence but these deaths are happening far to frequently at this age number with many of whom to seem be in connections with the cult of the Illuminati.


Released in 2006 a musical/romance film with the casts of Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, and Danny Glover to name a few. I wanted to focus on one individual in particular as to what sparked my interests after finding out how she became so successful.

Jennifer Hudson

Hudson was one of the few finalists of the 2004 American Idol placing in 7th. She never ended up winning American Idol but she continued to have great success. She made her first film debut with the movie Dreamgirls as Effie White. For which she won the best academy award. She was then signed to a record label company: Arista Records and released her self-title-debut-studio album in 2008. Which was certified gold in the United States and also won a grammy award for best R&B album.

On October 24th 2008 Jennifers former brother-in law William Balfour, 34, walked into Danell's(her mother's) house and shot her in the living room. He then killed Jason in his bedroom. Balfour took Julian, the child and drove away in Jason's SUV.

 William Balfour goes on statement saying to the police that any evidence found was planted there by the police and that he was an innocent man. His own defense attorney claimed his innocence. Although, the Jury found him guilty on all three counts of first degree murder and has no possibility of parole. Jennifer attended the trial everyday till the end and is mentioned stating: "she had forgiven Belfour and wanted to live her best life because that’s what her loved ones would have liked."

Her success keeps going even after the tragedy as she was casted into more movie roles:  
Hudson's other acting roles include, in films; Sex and the City (2008), The Secret Life of Bees (2008), Winnie Mandela (2011), Black Nativity (2013), Sing (2016), Cats (2019), Respect (2021), television shows; Smash (2012), Empire (2015), Confirmation (2016), and her Broadway debut with the musical The Color Purple.

The Screen Writer

Okay, so we've gotten here this far and this is where it leaves me to believe former screen writer: Peter Aykroyd and his birth year similarity with the screen writer of DreamGirls: Bill Condon. He of which is of the age 66, born October 22, 1955, and I'm wondering if he'll follow the same path Peter did.


This is just one case of many. Once you see it and realise it, practically everyone in Hollywood is involved and it goes beyond just hollywood. Its ingrained in everyday society at the very highest levels of government, financial institutions, educational system and more. Symbolism and numbers are there favourites and they like to publicly display their next move intentionally.

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