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Car launches over a Naples beach walkway.


ABC7 news covered this story as I'll include it at the bottom of the page as a source link. Lets just hope nothing gets removed. They used to say watch what you post because the stuff on the internet remains there forever. Now, more than ever there's been a increasing flood of information to drown out or if not completely remove the databases from the internet; a complete data wipe.

Some, will say I was reaching; heck even I kept saying to myself "I'm just reaching, I'm just trying to find something". Until, I was reading this one local incident that happened in Naples and I definitely needed to get this story out considering we're "Colliercast News".

Symbolism and time is what got me writing this article. The original article is short and sweet in itself. You can find the image below:

Anybody, who knows this county; things go quiet here; The person had to be well connected and of great social status to be in cahoots with law enforcement. Okay, so how you may ask this all has to do with time and symbolism; just take a look at the next photo:

This story right here got me so intrigued because It's in our own backyard(Naples, FL). There is only two locations that come to mind when pinpointing this event. It's either 3rd ave via Naples Pier; or heading to the direction via Miramar on 3rd ave as if you were heading to Seagate Beach. Both locations are for the high class wealthy elite. The houses are enormous but the street names will make you second guess as the names of such streets ex) Salvia, Devils ln, are a few that come to mind. Perhaps somebody with greater knowledge.

 I included the picture above with the highlights to show the interesting connections between the accident happening on 3rd Avenue South around midnight on Thursday which would mean that this storied matured 3 days ago.

The icing on the cake was when upon further examining the photo I noticed the free masons logo right on front of his car.


 How would this accident even have happened in the first place? Was there a purpose for this accident? Was there a purpose for the news article being short, and brief (just to get the message out to a specific individual). How did this incident make it in the news while others seem to fade away. Was the photo provided by law enforcement; who took the photo and provided it to the news outlet and why? Your guess is as good as mine.

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ABC7 news coverage

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Anonymous said...

Great article! So many wealthy people in Naples with a lot of connections. The laws don’t apply to them.