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Is this all a game?



So,  I assume most of you like many others, have followed mainstream media news: fox news, cnn, msnbc. abc, and like me and many others have grown up to assume that the "news" presented was legitimate, accurate, fair, and honest broadcasting of what we could learn from. Now, more so than ever I am having a different opinion or an eye opening of what is really going on.

If you or anyone who has been paying attention with politics would know something isn't right and as I write this, I recall; our 45th President: Trump goes on mentioning in on a interview that he'll be going away for awhile and you won't see him for quite some time.  -references to the dark winter.

In my time of writing this my assumption is that the dark winter is upon us and that all the real, actual politicians are hidden underground in bases possibly located in greenland. -references to greenland.


In our latest edition of the podcast episodes we go onto mention how movies tell us a lot more than we think. Give a listen to the episode here!

 Watching fox news the other day and I go onto noticing that the guy they are supposedly interviewing was sec Mike Pompeo. This is where they want us small time folks to not even notice that these people aren't the same people. They want us to be oblivious. Look for yourself and examine the photographs and face features.


Now, this is just one of many more that anyone can look up using 

You can also see it with the then, and now pictures of Melinda and Bill Gates...




It has become obvious to me that the people we see have been switched out and replaced with there look-a-like. Now, whether if they're hidden deep in underground bases is all speculative at this moment but there is no denying the differential facial features of the photographs.  

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