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History Is a Lie. Tartaria, Mud Floods, and a Cover Up.

 When most people think about history they think of how boring it was in school and maybe even consider it useless information. Like many psyops out there, this is done on purpose. We are expected to believe things like, Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 and that China built the Great Wall to protect against invaders. These "facts" along with a majority of history have been fabricated. Now for what purpose? What if I told you there was an Empire greater than Britain, and greater than Rome in fact this Empire is actually responsible for a lot of the culture we see across the world. This article will break down what this country was, what happened, and why is it covered up?


Now I wasn't able to find exact dates as to when this civilization was exactly established but, in 1252 Giovanni da Pian del Carpine wrote the book, The Story of The Mongols Whom We Call the Tartars. In the very first chapter he describes very vividly details about Tartaria including the landscape, the people, the culture, and even waging war against them. In fact you can read the entire book here. 

Now, although it seems to be erased from history it is very easy to find maps of Tartaria dating back centuries. When looking at these maps you'll see Tartaria (Tartarie, Tartary) you'll see it makes up most of what is today Russia. I will include 2 maps with this article but there are several you can find. This first map is supposedly from around 1492. It's hard to see but if you look at Norther Russian you can make out the letters of Tartaria but the more important part of this map is North America. Its hard make out because the quality of the image is bad but you'll see what looks like city names, and or landmarks in America. 

The name that sticks out to me personally is Chilago which is on the north eastern side of the United States in this map. Seems very odd that in roughly the same area we'll have a city called Chicago.

The next map is apparently from 1602. The important thing about this map is that it shows the Great Wall of China on the border of Tartaria and China. The Great Wall of China is said to be thousands of years old however in the maps I could find of ancient China there doesn't appear to be a wall before the 1600s. 

This map is apparently from the 1500s. When looking for this map I specifically looked for a map of Asia, it just so happens that this map also shows Tartaria bordering China. 

For civilization that has been erased from modern history there is a ton of information out there including the flag of the empire. 

Even their language and some writings can be found. It is said that they were the influencers behind many cultures across the globe from architecture that is found in Asia, America, and Europe all the way to the traditional clothing worn. They are also said to be a civilization with no discrimination and many sources say they even had free energy. 

Theories and Cover-up

Now exactly what led to the fall of Tartaria is unkown but there are many theories. One of these theories involves a catastrophic event known as a mudflood. Finding detailed information on this event is very hard, most posts and videos about the subject cover the same talking points while others seem to be taken off the internet.

The common details found about this event are that it occurred between the 1700s and 1800s and that it was a world wide event. There are many pictures you can find of what seem to be buildings that seem to be built in the ground and where city streets are seemed to be built on top of older city streets. Example of building. Example of a street corner. Example of street corner 2.  From 1854 to 1929 an estimated 250,000 orphaned, abandoned, and homeless children were placed throughout the United States and Canada during the Orphan Train Movement.

This movement is said to be connected to the mudfloods and many of those orphan children are said to be of Tartaria this is because there is a huge lack of info explaining what caused the mass surge in orphans. This was the beginning of the foster program in the United States. Also another thing to consider is around that time period, at least in the United States, insane asylums were becoming popular so its not out of the realm of possibility that the people who claim to remember a time before the flood were brainwashed in the government run foster homes or locked up in an insane asylum for the rest of their lives. The first piece of evidence that sparked the whole Tartaria theory comes in 1998 when the CIA declassified this document which is from 1957.

This document makes it clear that Russia is truly behind the historical cover up of Tartaria. Now it seems Russia most likely wasn't the only empire that had issues with Tartaria. If you recall one of the earlier maps in this article you will see China was smaller than what it is today and was also bordering in Tartaria. In the 1850s is when we see China start to expand as well as the introduction the Mongolia. So the fall of Tartaria may have come from a catastrophe that wiped out much of the population and anyone who survived was indoctrinated with a new narrative, or the growing powers of the elites such as Russia, China, and maybe some hidden hands, finally became too great for the Tartarian empire to defend against. 


This subject is a very interesting subject. Of course the mainstream narrative will tell you that this empire never existed and the history books are all accurate. But time and time again we see that the deep state/ shadow government/ new world order has nearly perfected the art of misinformation and indoctrination. One thing that will always remain certain is history will always be written by the winners and the losers will rarely ever get their whole story told. In the case of Tartaria, it seems they were an advanced civilization in a time where no such civilization should've existed. Which makes one wonder if there were other advanced empires or civilizations that we don't know about. Just think, we've all heard about Atlantis maybe that was another civilization ahead of it's time and due to unknown circumstances just disappeared only to be remembered as a myth. This link has a lot of useful information including the language, culture, and several historical accounts of Tartaria that I know many people will find very interesting.

Detailed map showing Tataria:


Anonymous said...

yup history we learn in school is crap could you do more please

Anonymous said...

Tartarus was the very well documented Mongol Empire founded by Genghis Khan in the early 1200s.
It finally disappeared in the 1600s. (For a variety of reasons)

A Greek word for hell is Tartarus. To Christians in the middle ages the Mongols seemed to be from hell. Hence the name.

The Great Wall of China was completed about 1625. That's why it begins to appear on maps around 1600.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the end of Tartaria began in 1680 when Krakatoa erupted. There's a theory that Sitchin missed a decimal point on the orbit of Planet X, Nibiru, and that it's 360 years instead of 3600. The Thera eruption has been tree ring dated to 1560 B.C. If it was caused by Nibiru, the 360 year orbit would put it in our solar system in 1680. It's due back in 2040 and we're already having unprecedented earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I find the earthquake liquefaction theory more plausible than the mud flood theory however there is a mud volcano in Java, near Krakatoa, that's been erupting since 2005 and the eruption is being blamed on drilling for natural gas. The Tartarians were probably descendents of Atlantis and existed worldwide for thousands of years. There were probably huge earthquakes also around 1680 and once Tartaria was in decline they undoubtedly fell prey to numerous opportunists such as the Russians,Chinese, Khazars, etc. The Khazars had already moved into Europe as the AskeNAZI jews and have developed into the CaBa'al that is currently attempting another great reset