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Remembering 9/11 - recap

 Today we're going to take time and reflect on the day of 09/11/2001 and the lives lost from the people inside the building and the first responders. 

It's sad to think anyone close to us; whether it be a family member, or a friend you knew for a very long time of which you gained a lot of trust from them, then to only turn around and stab you right in the back. It's even worse to think on a bigger scale of a nation to turn it's back on it's citizens. A government so corrupt to murder its own people.

-For anyone who hasn't followed up on our last 9/11 podcast last year. I highly suggest you give that a listen first and come back to this. You can Listen here .

Once you gave a listen to episode 14. In the podcast a Senator was approached by a Journalist and goes to mention it's been a 30 year old conspiracy and quickly walks away.

So, here I am; 09/11/2021 watching a 9/11 documentary on History channel and they go to mention something about an Ad in the news paper in 1968 front page showing a plane about to hit the twin towers. Titled: The Mountain comes to Manhattan.

If we take a closer look at the dollar bill. The United States Dollar Bill itself. You can see clear as day it has Masonic written all over it. With the pyramid and the one eye. Now, when the bills are folded we see an image which appears to be the towers in flames.

Concluding back to the Ad in the paper of a airplane representing it flying into the twin towers; when you subtract the year 2,001 - to the year 1,968. You get to a number of 33 of which is the highest number you can achieve in the 33 degree mason and we know how they're all about there numbers and symbols.

Cartoon illustrations of the 9/11 event:

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