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UFO Sighting


Controversial topic; for which the US government was to classified the documents and then declassified to which most of the text was blacked out anyway, for them to only be classified again during the Biden administration. 

UFOs; are the subject of discussion in this brief article as to what was to seen here in the sky. Now, the video is grainy and not at all of quality and I apologize. The object was seen at dusk on 11/23/2021 approx. 5:30pm.

The video shows an object in the sky, hovering in place, great altitude above, higher than any airplane; because it was thought it was to be a star and was going to go unnoticed. The video is me attempting to capture the object on film while using the binoculars. 

Although, the video is not much, I felt I needed to attach it to this article as representation and explain more than what the video could capture. 

Looking up at this object with binoculars you can see it was projecting geometric shapes onto the sky as of looking like a grid pattern and it would constantly transform into many geometric shapes as I recalled it turning into a three dimensional cube.

The object later stopped projecting what it was doing and continued to remain in place as of looking like another  star in the sky. The light it was emitting I would say it might of been of chromium like qualities given the altitude of the craft it might of been reflecting the sun's rays.

Was the only star like object visible in the sky at the hour and was the brightest light of white.

Everything I have described and written in this article I personally witnessed and absolutely have no idea or reasoning's to what this is or what it may have been doing. The video doesn't do it justice and me describing the events sounds far fetch but to anyone out there reading, watching, that has any explanation or stories to tell and bring to the podcast and want to remain anonymous. Please reach out to us and send us an email: Colliercast Email

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