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Whistle-blower :: Assassination of judges, the attempt to ban firearms, Jeffrey Epstein, Deep-state, FBI, CIA and more!...


In recent audio files that surfaced reveals secrets with Hilary Clinton first term goal when elected president in 2016 was to initiate a ban on firearms. Furthermore in the audio files it reveals the evil plan of Chief Justice John Roberts wanting to assassinate several federal judges and being successful in the slaying of Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016. Making John the appointee of power. 

Jeffrey Epstein arranged for the adoptions of Roberts' children; Roberts then used the children to gain entry into the cabal of power and influence.

 FBI, Rod Rosenstein and Crowdsrike knew it all. To take part in these circles' you must gain entry and to know you're just as evil as they are, they blackmail, an offering which celebrities and elites alike take part in and involves children and sacrifices.

The whistleblower has been brutally tortured and he and his wife have lived in fear of death. The guilty parties thought their threats silenced him. Further damning evidence was sealed for alleged National Security purposes in a federal court in Maryland. False charges were brought against the whistleblower. He decided to risk his life to speak truth. He did so as a believer in God. He is a hero. In time, I pray that he will be pardoned and honored for his courage in revealing the truth. If FBI or other nefarious actors harm him now they will only further indict themselves and prove their guilt. Pray for Psalm 91 protection for this brave man and whistleblower. -Lin


Our source links have been deleted repeatedly; I'm seeing what I can do to have them on a permanent server.

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