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 A very touchy subject which to some; this topic has already been dubbed a hoax, and debunked "conspiracy theory" or simply the matter: case closed. While some social sites as of like YouTube are going through great lengths of censorship and completely removing the video or content related to pizza gate. So, I'm only going to briefly discuss this subject as we do not want our site to be shutdown. 

In 2016 a man by the name of Edgar Maddison Welch traveled to Comet Ping Pong with a AR-15 rifle and fired inside the restaurant. Now, I'm not going to dive into this whole news article but to some; speculating he just might be involved and these are just actors at play. Pushing their agenda; That this man was influenced by "fake news" and we can all rest assure it was a just a narrative made up by some crazy conspiracy theorist. case closed.

We discuss this subject as well on our podcast on episode 13. Feel free to give a listen wherever you listen in on your podcasts.

Now, what could he possibly have found out to make him want to shoot up the friendly pizza restaurant: Comet Ping Pong? It started when Wikileaks released emails from Hillary's campaign manager: John Podesta's gmail account on October 7, 2016. The emails were not hacked by the "Russians", although that continued to be the mainstream media narratives push but leaked by our own people in US Intelligence Community who were sick and tired of the Clinton's and their corruption. (Visit the bottom of the page on this article and download the PDF file to view the Youtube video file on wikileaks.

In addition; The founder of WikiLeaks: Julian Assange appeared on the radio show with Sean Hannity on December 15, 2016. Assange goes to mention on the radio show that the Russians were not involved in the 2016 elections. That the evidence is weak at best. (Visit the bottom of the page on this article and download the PDF file to view the Youtube video file linking evidence to Russia.)

Julian Assange is a hero and needs to be set free, Pray for Assange.

From James Alefantis long deleted Instagram photos and set profile jimmycomet to private there's been a history of strange pictures including this one with a baby and foreign bills in her mouth. The sad part is the media is just going to cover up the true story with whats really going on here and that there is a Global Child Trafficking and Pedophilia ring that the Political, Business Elite, Law Enforcement and Media are all complicit to cover it up.

In an effort to keep this site available to you. Some of the images (not presented here in this blog) and sources will be made available to you for references and resources provided on a 3rd party platform. The time of writing this; within hours our original file locations were deleted. Please contact us if any of the sources appear broken.


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