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So, I assume we all pretty much heard of as it was all of news practically all of last year (2023). OpenAI took the lime light of 2023 in the advancement of A.I. but it wasn't the only thing taking the light; news spread at Google a former programmer at the company spoke out about one of their A.I has gone sentient but besides all that I decided to write this brief article on other tools of A.I and maybe it will spark your curiosity to go off and find more artificial intelligence tools.

My opinion, the current advancement of A.I in this moment of time (2024) is much the same evolution of the internet from the early 2000s, heck even the .com boom for that matter, remember Y2K? I'd compare it to that feel in the time books of history. Remember seeing early Terminator movies of Cyberdyne and SKYNET? and only being a movie. We're in those times. Now, I'm not going to go into this long apocalyptic tirade so I'll just end it there..

If you're trying to get into podcasting a good hosting options to have in your arsenal are The Best Podcast Hosting Platform | Libsyn Podcasting. Here's another: Podcasting For Creators & Advertisers | Acast Podcasts. Oh, and one more Spotify for Podcasters. The hosting providers have nothing to do with A.I but there are A.I tools to help you with podcasting which I'll provide below:

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