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Artifical Intelligence - A.I

 Colliercast boys discussed on episode 27 briefly about Artificial Intelligence and more so specifically a program called Chat-gpt which was released by the company OpenAI. With all this in recent news its easy to forget about the former engineer who spoke out about the A.I bot he was working on for google claimed to have gone sentient over a year ago; here is one of many articles: Guardian News. Below are a few photos created by the Artificial intelligence program we used and discussed on the podcast episode 27 and you can go ahead and try for yourself here at

We just barely scrapped the surface of this deeply layered onion but in more recent news there's discussion about audio and video being completely manipulated to alter and perceive as real. These implications can be used by nefarious actors and in scenarios like war. Creating a false villain, and just completely fabricating the voice and perception of that person. Here's one article that comes to mind in an instance of extortion where her voice was used and portrayed that she was kidnapped. The bad actors involved used A.I to replicate her voice to coerce her mother in almost giving away cash to get her daughter back.

Even with the recent Hollywood's writers strike. Artificial Intelligence is going after not just the writers but even the actors jobs as well. Getting enough photos and live footage from their previous work on movies that they stared in and generating a fake version of them to cast on another persons face to be used in that film. Going back to Episode 27 this particular episode seems to be shadowed banned in regarding what we recorded on about even the Music Industry will be affected by Artificial  Intelligence (who's to say they didn't use this type of technology back then for Brittany Spears). Go ahead read this article on the subject or search on Youtube for yourself about A.I Generated Kanye, Drake, Rhianna or anyone of your favorite artists and I'm sure they have a replica of them. It sounds like them but it's Artificial Intelligence!

We've seen many forms of Artificial Intelligence in movies like Stealth and Eagle Eye

As it seems to be of the similar realm of technology feel free to check out our Article on Deep Fakes and maybe even check out this youtube video of this journalist trying it out on himself. Maybe its related or not I thought another good read in this article about sim swapping and how it happened to Jack Dorsey (former CEO of Twitter).

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