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The New Normal

 Interesting times we're in. I think they always been doing this for the longest time and I'm talking older than; Vanderbilts, Rothschilds, or even the Queen Elizabeth for that matter. We just started to realize now that the world is run by these people and organizations which some names you may be unfamiliar of and out of the spot light. This in itself can diverge into many side rabit holes but we're going to try to focus on one thing in particular and that is transitioning, switching, gender swapping, however you wish to look or go upon it has become widely accepted or at least shown in front of our faces constantly enough it became the new normal.

I'm going to focus on this one particular Olympian Athlete for one he was and is still widely known in America and two he is the most open and honest about his transition from male to female and that is Bruce Jenner who is now known as Caitlyn Jenner.

The reason for this is less research for you the individual because there's no determining if that's the same person or what not because she is open about the transition while others not so much. While the next person is speculative to me its very clear that George W. Bush and his (mother) Barbara Bush is not a she.


So, we've already gotten into politics(government), athletes(sports), and it's even in Hollywood(movies/entertainment). Lets take a look at at Angelina Jolie and her (daughter)Shiloh.

She is transitioning the boy and will show (her) how to preform in the model industry. 

There's a reason they're promoting Serena Williams in literally every advertisement. Here is one of them which to me shows a young boy in a skirt.

Now, here are men wearing dresses publicly maybe for rituals, maybe for normalization, maybe for both.

Even the most recent controversial here in America with college swimming sports is "Lia Thomas". -

Question everything.

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